Coronavirus COVID-19 Practice Arrangements

As of Midnight of the 26th of March 2020, a State of Emergency necessitates a complete lock down on non-essential services. Although we do not agree with the sentiment that we are not essential medical services, we do agree with our President’s urgent and pro-active response to the pandemic.

This however means that at 17h00 on Thursday 26 March, all of the Francis Slabber & Associates branches will close until 20 April, unless otherwise advised. There is of course the possibility that the 21 days of lock down will become 42 days or more, but for now, we are preparing ourselves for no access to our place of work for 3 weeks.

We do however realize that there will be emergencies. Firstly, in the case of sudden onset of hearing loss, we will be contactable by the ENTs for emergency testing.

Should hearing aids fail, there are a few things that we can do in-house without sending the hearing aids to manufacturers for repair – they will of course be closed for the full duration of the lock-down. In a case of hearing aid failure, please either call us on 073 731 6222 or send a WhatsApp. You can also email us. We will have the hearing aids collected from you by courier and brought to us at home. Please understand that the courier companies may not be available immediately and may reduce their staff load meaning things might not happen on the same day. We will not have someone at the office everyday, so one of us will go in as needed and as possible, to see to the products received. Once repaired they will be couriered back to you. If we are unable to repair them ourselves, we will be in touch to discuss options.

You are encouraged to stock up on batteries, waxguards, domes and other supplies within the next 2 days from any of the branches. Should you run out during the lockdown, please call or send an e-mail and we can arrange for a courier to deliver the supplies to you. The courier charges (as per today’s quote) is a minimum of R60 one way. This may increase if you want the parcel delivered same day, or if you live outside of Cape Town.

We will be able to manage accounts from home to some extent. Please be patient with us during this time as we are sure that medical aid remittances will be late and we may not have daily access to banking services. Should you have any queries, please email

Hearing aid adjustments are not possible during this time, unless your have Telecare features in your hearing aids and have registered with your audiologist for Telecare. There are limited products that can do this unfortunately and there are limited adjustments possible via the Telecare Apps. However, if you do have access to these features, please use them. We will be monitoring the Telehealth portals for requests and messages.

All other services such as hearing tests, balance assessments, tinnitus therapy and hearing aid fittings and follow-ups have been suspended as it requires face-to-face contact.

Contact Details during the Lock Down

1. Telephonic: Our phones will all be diverted to the Wynberg number 021 797 7948 and that will have an answering machine connected where you can leave messages. Messages will only be checked 2-3 times a week.

2. Cell Phone: Our practice cell phone will be manned at home by Nicole. The number is 073 731 6222 and she will take messages, email the audiologists and she can receive WhatsApps.

3. Our App: Download our Hearing Clinic Family App where you can make direct contact with us or book appointments for when this is all over. The App is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

4. E-Mail: All of us will be monitoring our emails from home.

You can contact your audiologist at: (Francis Slabber) (Elisha Berridge) (Celeste Leveson) (Beth Cockcroft) (Sarah Buitendag)

For accounts please contact:

For any other queries, please contact either of the following: (Karen) (Nicole) (Lizel)

Please browse our Blog and like our Facebook Page where we will keep you posted on procedures and progress on the situation. We will try to be in touch to keep you posted. Some of us will have access to Skype in emergencies.