Reaching Out

Our practice has, over the years, always made an effort to contribute to the less fortunate in ways varying from small donations to pro-bono services and products. These are some of the contributions that we’ve made and we continue to support, but we also strive to find new ways to support those who live with hearing impairment.

We have formed a partnership with S-Cape, a charity organisation which takes care of the rehabilitation needs of victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We offer free hearing screening as part of their medical screening protocol and every Christmas we bring them gifts in which ever shape they need it to be – whether personal or household items.

We’ve started the sponsorship program for the schooling of 3 children from disadvantaged backgrounds. These children have been sponsored to go to a local English education school and we endeavor to continue seeing them through their school careers.

The Santa Shoebox Project is an inspiring community initiative of the Kidz2kidz Trust that co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of personalized gifts at Christmas time to underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia.

Every child deserves something special at this time of year and for many across our country this would not be possible without the help of the Santa Shoebox Project. The Hearing Clinic donate Shoeboxes every year to children in and around Cape Town. Their ages ranged between 1 and 11 years old. A special thank you to all who contributed and coordinated the project.

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We proudly sponsored and supplied, together with Sennheiser South Africa, 11 TV Listeners to the public TV lounge of a Retirement Village in Cape Town. Half of the headsets are used by those who do not have hearing aids and half are for use with hearing aids by making use of the Telecoil function on the hearing aids themselves. With the use of good TV amplification the challenges around hearing speech, coping with accents and blasting the neighbours are all dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

It has been such a success that Village management has since purchased additional headsets to satisfy the listening needs of the Village residents who had previously not been able to participate in social events such as movie nights or sports days.

Bella’s Guardian Angels is a non-profit animal rescue organisation. They rescue abandoned and orphaned puppies and kittens.

Bella was a stray the family had taken in and who later died saving their lives. This family project heals puppies and kittens both physically and mentally and finds them wonderful and loving forever homes. They take in animals under 8 weeks old and doctor them, play with them and love them until they are ready to be put up for adoption. They even rehabilitate wild animals when needed.

We’ve supported them financially and through adoption.
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Another charity of choice is HearUs, an NPO that was established by parents of deaf children who have Cochlear Implants. Their vision is to assist children and adults to obtain a cochlear implant so as to facilitate their learning to speak and become part of the hearing world.

HearUs is registered and regulated as a non-profit organization and operates in close association with the Cochlear Implant Unit at Tygerberg Hospital – University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town.

Since inception, numerous beneficiaries have received cochlear implants with the assistance of this organization.

We contribute monthly to Hear2Day, a South African resource and action group for persons with hearing impairment formed in early 2007 by a group of such individuals and a few hearing health specialists. It was formed out of the need to communicate with other persons with hearing impairment and the desire to improve hearing and communication abilities.

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